Our approach to stopping terrorism in Nigeria is researching into the roots and remote causes of the psychology of the problem with the mindset of providing curative solutions. Digging into the rudiment of Terrorism in Nigeria enhances our understanding of their agitation, why they are doing what they are doing and the enormity of their brainwash.

To fight an enemy, it is only right to know who the enemy is, you must be able to identify him, his capabilities, strength and weakness etc. then the strategy to be deploy, thus classification of the rule of engagement. Today, the Nigerian Army is engaged in a war with faceless enemy; an enemy it neither know nor its strength. Though seemingly winning the war, NESO’s concern is sustaining the victory.

NESO put Nigeria first, second, third and last; in-between we provide unconventional shadowing, deploying facelessness in the faceless fight against terrorism and insurgency, aimed at curtailing Terrorist migration and ensuring a sustainable peace.

NESO is the bridge that closes up the gap between the Community and the Conventional Security Organisation in the Country by providing the missing link through grassroots information template, deployable for actionable intelligence to the Mainstream Security Organisation in Nigeria.

NESO provides institutional third eye on soft targets and process activities within the coverage parameters to ensure safety through early warnings by establishment of red alert signal with the appropriate Conventional Security Agency.

NESO plans, designs, promote security educating advocacy for citizen’s to easily identify threats, know exactly what to do, and react without raising undue alarm to secure threat within limited timeframe. And we also teach steps to be taken to avert danger or occurrence of preventable.