Dr. Malami Shehu Ma’aji

National Adviser on Strategy

Chairman, Advisory Council


Dr. Joseph Y. Aliu


Deputy Chairman, International Relations (In-Charge of Europe)


The Advisory Council is chaired by the National Adviser on Strategy of NESO, Dr. Malami Shehu Ma’aji. The Advisory Council is the brain box of NESO and as such has seven (7) standing committees and sub-committees design to strategically deal with all aspect of security lacuna and advice the Executive Council on how to approach situations professionally and effectively. The Executive Council shall execute the laid down strategy accordingly. And where an idea emanates from the Executive Council they would forward it to the Advisory Council for evaluation.

The standing committees are:

  1. Academics Committee
  2. Counter Terrorism Committee
  3. Immigration Committee
  4. Emergency Response Committee
  5. Program and Advocacy Committee
  6. Rehabilitation and Reintegration Committee
  7. Inter-Agencies covert relations

The Sub-Committees are:

  1. Under Academics- inter-boarder relations