This project is NESO’s maiden sensitization campaign aimed at involving citizens to own their environment and precisely their neighborhood. Breeding Terrorism is right in your neighborhood. KYN means “know Your Neighbor”. It is a reawakening call to be on 24/7 alert on who is the next person to you. How well do you know your next door neighbor? That strange face standing or inside a parked car out there, or approaching you, how have you been able to process him?


KYN would also develop your instinct and fast thinking faculty, and make you confident in handling critical security situations smoothly. KYN opens your third eye to penetrate and identify an IED courier as well as luggage. KYN develops your personal alert system to be booting at all times and your ability of processing movement effectively. KYN brings the real security alert person that you are and makes you armored.



The project will be launched in Abuja, the Federal Capital City and would stretch into other States of the federation. There will a lot of workshops, Television/Radio and leaflet campaigns.