Objective of the training:

NESO aims at ensuring that native communities profiling in Nigeria in order to forestall terrorist migration, insurgency and other heinous crime is achieved, therefore making our communities safe for habitation and tranquil for economic and business activities to flourish.

The policy of NESO on training and retraining its volunteers is periodic and targeted at building their capacity for effective and efficient security and environment covert operation. In the whole, it is creating the third eye required to identify the clueless and faceless terrorist.


Theme of the training:

“Deploying facelessness in the war against insurgency and terrorism in Nigeria”. This has said it all, NESO is all out to consolidate on the recorded victory so far in the war against terrorism by the Nigeria military.

The war is won but the problem is the sustainability of peace and the capacity to ensure that all communities in the country are put to regular and constant security scrutiny and check to discover and abort any possibility of regrouping, reprisal and re-launching fresh offensive.


Focus of the training:

All commandants in NESO including states commandants from the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT were in attendance. The focus is the communities and urban societies in Nigeria with a clear and instructive attendance to boarder communities, where it is proven that the gateways of terrorism into the country are these boarder communities.

The training brought in professionals as resource persons to refocus the officers as a strategy of training the trainees to balance efficiency and result oriented operations.

Our men are to be retrained by these commandants that have acquired the new knowledge in the areas of National challenges.

Indeed the training conference brought new insight to the development of new operational strategy, which has been deployed into our operations immediately after the conference and results have started trickling in.